The DAY of the Debut Album


20 April, 2009….The day Raja Hasan fans are waiting for, since a long time.

The release of raja’s first solo album!!

According to his official site, everything went perfectly great. Raja had the blessing from great people like Mithun Chakraborty,Bappi Lahiri,Aadesh Shrivastav & Shaan. The album was officially released on the shooting of ZEE Dance India Dance.

As we all know that the composition and lyrical contributions have been meticulously meted out by Raja’s father, Mr.Rafiq Sagar.
Fans can expect a fusion of bikaner culture and modern tunes. The title track, YAAR MILA DE RE, is one of the songs that fans can expect to hear his gharana driven voice.

The video of the song were shot entirely in bikaner which wasn’t complete with the local touch of sand dunes, Annie Singh and of course Raja Hasan.

**Dont forget to catch the show on Friday and Saturday at 9.30pm

We hope that all fans will support and pray for Raja. Please buy the original CD to show your support. Go run to the music store near you now.
We hope to get your feedback on the album once you buy it.



3 responses to “The DAY of the Debut Album

  1. Raja Hasan's Fan Club

    Thank you Jyoti thacker(3sis),
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    you can always send anything that related to Raja Hasan,
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    Just anything and Everything about Raja Hasan.we we will be more than happy if you contribute, this is your site, feel free to contact us at
    Looking forward to see your review of Yaar Mila De Re.

  2. jyoti thacker(3 sis)

    i am very happy to see this site
    keep it up
    agar hamari kuchh bhi zaroorat pade
    we r always with u

    3 sis

  3. jyoti thacker(3 sis)

    we r with u
    the site is very beautiful

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