The Success Story of Maari Teetri(De Taali)!!

VSRMaari Teetri….the song that needs no introduction!! The song that remained on charts…..that is played on FMs, parties,musicchannels and clubs…..the song that was enjoyed by all!!!

The song based on Rajasthani folk was a peppy number with interesting lyrics. Vishal-Shekhar successfully managed to remix the folk song and blend in English lyrics. All music reviews praised Maari Teetri…calling Raja Hasan a Pop star…who blends Indian classical music with western influences!! Ritesh Deshmukh and Aftab Shivdasani were all in praise for the song and the singer. Indeed Raja Hasan did a fabulous job with the song. His range…his voice…his style…were all well suited for the song. The song did turn out to be Huge!!!

I was surprised…and at the same time thrilled to see the Dancers dancing to the song in the opening of one episode of Dance India Dance. It was then when I found out that Remo D’Souza, who was one of the mentors and judge in the show was the man behind the innovative choreography of the song. The success of the song also goes to its video. People did enjoy the song and loved the moves and this is clear if one reads the comments for the song on YouTube. Remo D’Souza has also choreographed the title song of Singh is Kinng.

The song was so brilliantly sung that even Zee TV left no opportunity to bring the song to the audience. Starting form the Remo maari teetrilatest, Maari teetri was played on Dance India Dance (DID). Earlier, Raja Hasan sang the song in SaReGaMaPa `09….once when he was called to announce the results of the bhramsastra round and the other time… the opening of the new season. The song was even used in the promotion of the film, De Taali on Zee TV’s show, ‘Rock-n-Roll Family’.

Maari Teetri is still played on music channels and FM stations on a regular basis. The song has managed to retain its charm!!!

Clearly…Maari teetri will remain in the minds of the people and they will hum the song for a long time!!!

Maari Teetri Video

Raja Hasan on SaReGaMaPa’09 Curtain Raiser

Maari Teetri On Dance India Dance

Maari teetri


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