Khabar nahi


Three years ago, before 2007  he was an unknown person to the world.

Two years ago in the year 2007 he was a contestant of a talent show and became  a household name of millions.

Exactly an year ago in 2008,not only  his first ever film song turned out as a super hit but also sung by an other reality show contestants on Sony Tv in the  show called “waar Pariwaar”.

Chekout the video

Its a great coincedence that his song was sung by other singers in August 2008 and today exactly an year after, once again  for the second time his song was sung by Rahul dutta a contestant of “Saregamapa Li’l champs” he sang Raja Hasan’s song “Khabar nahi” from the film “Dostaana” ,Zee tv also didn’t leave to make a point that the song has sung by two of its previous years contestants Raja Hasan and Amanat ali.

Rahul Dutta singing “Khabar nahi”

Well, this song was not a solo by Raja hasan but when you listen to it you can clearly hear RajaHasan’s voice dominating the whole track. Here we present the mp3 of  “Khabar nahi” for those who haven’t listen it before.

Khabar nahi


video of the original song

within two years, Raja Hasan has achieved so much, its not an easy task for a reality show singer to get recognized and being loved by people even after losing the competition,but RajaHasan is an exception that he not only got recognized but also loved by millions of people all over the world, theres no doubt that he will be loved forever by his true fans, Thumbs up to Raja Hasan, Way to Go………


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