Music ka Maha Muqabla – Review 1

Himesh’s Warriors v/s Shaan’s Strikers

Raja Hasan sung two songs…first in line was ‘Mai Jahan Rahon’ from ‘Namastey London’. He sung the song well with a few wonderful variations of his own!! A must see performance…which I fell deserved more marks. Well, the sound quality was not so great in the beginning, with the live audience cheering away!!

Marks – Audience : 8

Judges : 8

Our Take : 9

The next song was Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire! This song, in my opinion, is not a song to be sung in any competition. It is supported by additional vocals and a heavy orchestra and is not an easy song to sing. Inspite of all that…Raja Hasan managed the song well yet again…with some nice variations!! On the whole it was a nice performance but EVERYONE expects a LOT MORE from the King.

Marks –  Audience : 7

Judges : 7.5

Our Take : 7

Videos coming soon!!


One response to “Music ka Maha Muqabla – Review 1

  1. Raja rules as usual…

    He is far far above others in the contest and it is ridiculous to even judge him like this !

    I wish he sings his own songs..maari teetri and delhi destiny songs…i am just dying to listen to these live !

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